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Jeffrey Hutchens is the voice artist and audio producer at Radio Voice Imaging.  His goal is to create more
value for your money with quality radio imaging at a price everyone can afford.  With more experience, and
major market production techniques, Jeffrey can help you take pride in your image.  
5 Produced Sweepers - $65.99
5 Produced Stingers - $23.99
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5 tracks of imaging for one low price.  
Sweepers are fully produced up to 15
seconds each.
Short liners up to 5 seconds each that
include ONLY your positioning
statement and/or station name.
  • Affordable Radio Imaging
  • Liners, Sweepers, IDs and Promos
  • Commercial Production
  • Voice Tracks
  • Podcast Intros and Drops
  • DJ Drops
  • Website Introductions
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