-RadioVoiceImaging.com is the home of professional voice talent Jeffrey Hutchens.

-RadioVoiceImaging.com offers PRODUCED radio imaging solutions.

-Jeffrey has over 15 years of experience in radio / audio production.

-His radio imaging has been heard throughout the world on some of the most
successful terrestrial and internet radio stations.

-A versatile voice talent, Jeffrey can deliver any voice over style, from the famous
"warm and fuzzy" all the way up to extreme attitude / hardsell.

-His imaging has been heard on CHR, Hot AC, Country, Dance, Rock, Religious,
Sports stations and more.

-Jeffrey offers monthly retainer packages to commercial AM/FM stations and some
of the lowest prices on the web to Internet broadcasters and Podcasts.  Produced
radio imaging starts at only $14.99.

-When you order from RadioVoiceImaging.com, you will get the service you
deserve and a high level of production value- all at a very attractive price!  
about radio voice imaging
Everything you need to know about ordering radio imaging from RadioVoiceImaging.com.
  • Ordering is a simple 3 step process.  
1.Find the radio imaging package that is right for your station.  
2.Submit payment and script.  
3.Receive your radio imaging!
  • All payments are processed through Paypal - safe and easy.  You do not need a Paypal account to
    order.  Orders must be paid in full before work can begin.
  • Turnover varies depending on workload and the size of your order.  Jeffrey is in the studio
    Monday through Friday and will work to ensure that you receive your imaging in a timely manner.
  • Most orders are sent via email.  If the order is too large to deliver by email, Jeffrey will send you a download link.
  • Jeffrey uses digital audio processing and editing techniques to ensure a high-quality audio product.  Radio
    imaging cuts will be delivered to you as an MP3 at 320 Kbps / 44.1K / Stereo, unless you specify otherwise.
listen to the demo.
RadioVoiceImaging.com is the preferred online choice for internet radio stations and Podcasts seeking professional sounding
radio imaging at an affordable price.  Here you will find the lowest prices on the web on radio imaging, liners, ID's, sweepers
and promos.  All fully produced and ready to air on your station.  Get started.  Find a money-saving imaging package
Radio Voice Imaging .com
AFFORDABLE - Prices start
at only $14.99 US.  Plus, the
more you order, the more
you save!

sounding radio imaging and
audio production from an
experienced professional.
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