Script Writing Guidelines For Stinger Packs
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They are known by many names in the radio industry - stingers, stabs or shotguns.  However, they all
have one thing in common: they are very short.  This page is here to give you an idea of the length that
is acceptable when writing scripts for your stinger packs.  

If your scripts are too long, they may be edited for time.

Generally speaking, stingers are:

  • Slogan and/or Station Name only.
  • 5 seconds or less.
  • One short sentence.  If it has more than one period or comma,  it's probably not a stinger!
Example Scripts:

1. Q106.
2. B93, The Hit Music Station.
3. DJ Johnny, In The Mix.
4. You're listening to Bubba's Net Radio.
5. This is FM 104.1.
6. Today's New Country, Rabbit 97.
7. The girls love him, DJ Jambalaya.
8. All The Hits- Super 101 FM.
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