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Christmas Radio Imaging Demo
"Your Official Holiday Station"
11 Christmas Sweepers now only $49
- You get ALL of the sweepers heard in the Demo, including the jingle
- All references to Radio Voice Imaging will be replaced by your station's name and slogan
- Demo files are lo-fi. Purchased imaging is encoded as an MP3 at 320 Kbps/Stereo
- An affordable solution to add a touch of holiday spirit to your station
- Buy it once and you own it!  Use it year after year, as long as you like
- Appropriate for most music formats
- A nice mix of upbeat and softer imaging.  Will sound great next to any Christmas song
- Ready-made imaging that can be delivered quickly
- Your listeners will appreciate the professional approach to holiday programming
*After payment, simply send your station name and positioning statement/slogan.
This is a "ready-made" radio imaging solution.  You will get all 11 of the sweepers you hear in the demo, exactly as you hear
them (only at a high bitrate).  
The sweepers will be customized to include your station name and slogan and all references to
Radio Voice Imaging will be gone
.  This approach to imaging saves you more money, especially on a Christmas package that
will air only a few weeks out of the year.  Additional wording/line changes may incur extra charges.  Discount price in effect on
this radio imaging package only.
Only $49.  You save over $53 off the regular price.
*In addition, please specify whether you would like the main version of this package (featured in the
demos) or the
light version.  The light version does not have any of the production effects (zaps,
crashes, etc.) or extra sound drops and would be more suitable for softer formats.  It's voice and
Christmas music only.